Statewide Emergency Small Business & Microenterprise Grant Program

Jan 3, 2023 | Business and Economy, Community, Education, Emergency, Uncategorized

Business Oregon has partnered with CCD Business Development Corporation to administer a limited amount of funding for a new $3 million Small Business and Microenterprise Grant Program (SBMA).
• This program is funded from Oregon’s Community Development Block Grant CARES Act allocation, for communities affected by COVID-19.
• Video tutorials, including helpful tips, are available
• Google Translate is available on the application, registration, and program webpages for non-English languages
• CCD Business Development Corporation is available at 1-888-263-0971 or for assistance Program

A microenterprise (5 or fewer employees) or small business (5-1,500 employees) that:
• Was in business prior to March 8, 2019
• Can document COVID-19 impact (lost revenue, mandated closures, workforce issues, supply complications, etc.)
• Was generally stable/strong prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
• Has an owner and/or employees who meet low- and moderateincome (LMI) criteria

Grant Limits
Grant sizes will be between $2,500 – $30,000 per business:
• Microenterrprise whose owner is LMI can qualify up to $10,000
• Small business can qualify for $2,500 per LMI employee retained up to $30,000

Applications will be processed on a lottery basis at the time of application closure:
• Applications open Monday, January 23, 2023
• Applications closed Friday, January 27, 2023
• Awards expected mid-February, 2023
• Funding expected early March, 2023

Required Documents:
For the business:
• 2019, 2020, and 2021 Business Federal Tax Return or Full Personal Tax Return if filing a Schedule C
• 2022 Business In-House Profit and Loss Statement (from January 2022 – October 2022)
• Copy of current, filed organizing documents (Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, or Partnership Agreement)
• Business NAICS Code
• Unique Entity ID in
• Most recent Oregon Form 132 Quarterly Filing, or two consecutive pay stubs for each qualifying employee (if certifying based on LMI employees)

For all 20% or more business owners:
• 2021 Personal Federal Tax Return
• Copy of valid Driver’s License
• Statement of Experience or Resume
• Personal Financial Statement
• Duplication of Benefits Certification including list of assistance/aid

Apply Here:
Complete your online application at:
Call: 1-888-263-0971

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