1st Annual Umpqua Smallmouth Bass Round-Up

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The Fallen Outdoors (TFO) – Oregon — 2/16/2023.
TFO Team Douglas County will host the First Annual Smallmouth Bass Round-Up on the Umpqua River August 20, 2023.
This event is designed to help our salmon and steelhead populations in the Umpqua River while feeding the needy here in Roseburg, helping TFO provide outdoor activities to active duty military, retired military and veterans and giving the public the opportunity to participate and win prizes.
The Fallen Outdoors will host a smallmouth bass roundup. Fish caught may be donated to the Fish Pantry in Roseburg, Oregon on Sunday, August 20th, 2023. All monies raised will go to The Fallen Outdoors – Team Oregon to provide outdoor adventures for active duty/retired military and veterans in Oregon. All fish turned in will be donated to the Fish Food Pantry to be distributed to needy individuals and their families. All products donated by our sponsors will be awarded to participants This event will bring together area residents from all walks of life in support of our military men and women, feed local residents that need a hand up. In addition we will be saving the lives of countless umbers of Chinook, Coho and Steelhead smolt trying to reach the ocean.
The Fallen Outdoors began in 2009 at a remote outpost in Afghanistan with three soldiers; SSG John Bates, Spc Eric Finniginamm and Spc Eric Bakken. Year after year The Fallen Outdoors (TFO) grew and expanded, they put in every extra second they had while on active duty. Today the TFO serves thousands of veterans a year across this great nation. What started off as a simple idea to help veterans get outdoors has transformed into a lifestyle that the TFO nation lives and breathes every day.
The Fallen Outdoor’s mission is to organize outdoor adventures for veterans past and present, from every generation and from all branches of the military. Our aim is to connect Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines with like-minded individuals along with teaching them a skill and passion they can continue for a lifetime.
“Living in the Umpqua Valley is truly blessing and an honor. I have personally enjoyed countless hours on and in the river. I have fished on and in the Umpqua and experienced the splendor of the valley and wanted to find a way to share its beauty and bounty with others,” said Chris Benson a Pro-Staffer for TFO. “What better way to accomplish this than a little fishing and a picnic. Where else can you relax in a breath taking environment and be doing a service to others?”
Participation is as simple as signing up for the Round-Up and pay your entry fee. Your entry form will be kept until the picnic where it will be placed in a bin just waiting to be drawn. You will be eligible to win one of the many prizes donated to this event. Entrants may participate in catching smallmouth bass for donation to The Fish Pantry. Catching and donating are voluntary and not a requirement to win prizes. If you do choose to fish, please care for them taking care to clean, and place the smallmouth bass in a sealed plastic bag and store properly until the picnic. Package them in groups of five fish maximum. Entrants are reminded to follow all ODFW regulations while fishing in this Round-Up. The picnic will be held Sunday, August 20th 2022. We invite you to come to the picnic, enjoy the food and beverages, meet other community members in a pleasant park setting with other like-minded people from the local area. Please remember that this is a family event and children are welcomed to attend the picnic.
Smallmouth bass donated will be given to The Fish Pantry a 501(c)3 and is well established here in Roseburg. Monies generated by this event will go to The Fallen Outdoors – Team Oregon, also a 501(c)3, to take active duty and military veterans on outdoor adventures including hunting, fishing, geo-caching, biking, sight-seeing etc.
Media Contact:
Chris Benson
TFO Pro-Staffer, Event Coordinator
(714) 488-4344

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