Building Rural Vitality

Apr 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

Thanks to a state investment from HB 2345 ($500K) matched by The Ford Family Foundation ($500K), Oregon Economic Development Districts (OEDD) has been working since June 2022 to move vital community projects forward and bring more federal grant dollars to the state.

Oregon Economic Development Districts (OEDDs) offer practical, essential technical support, project development and grant-writing services that bring millions of federal and philanthropic dollars into Oregon — helping rural communities see their projects through from conception to completion.

This work would not have happened without this investment!
It is essential that the state continue investing in Oregon Economic Development Districts so that these life-altering projects do not go unfunded in the years to come — and so that Oregon is able to capture its share of the federal investments in the IIJA, CHIPS Act and more.

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