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For Immediate Release
Date: 08/08/2022

For additional information contact:
Sidnee Smith, Economic Development Technician
PH: 541-672-6728 Ext. 309

Two New Regional Information Hubs

Understanding the critical role entrepreneurial ecosystems play in the region’s economic health, CCD applied for and was awarded a supplemental grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) CARES Act Recovery Assistance Planning program to create an economic recovery and resiliency plan for the region. This plan, referred to as the Economic Recovery Initiative (ERI), encompassed 24-months of developing and deploying resources as a regional response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the ERI process and resulting action planning sessions, it was made clear that the entrepreneurial ecosystem experienced a gap regarding accessing communication networks. Business owners reported a lack of communication between community members, public and private entities, and nonprofit organizations. They also described having difficulty in gaining awareness of new resources or information distribution systems. The recommended strategy to alleviate or at least diminish this gap was to establish an online website hub.

Based upon the findings from the ERI project, CCD applied for and was awarded a Business Oregon Rural Opportunity Initiative (ROI) grant to provide leadership oversight in building a regional communication hub. Through the ROI grant funding, CCD helped create a new Community Website Partnership hub for Douglas County and expand a landing page dedicated to business resources on our own website. This project coincides with the current website the Community Website Partnership has already established in Coos County known as South Coast Connects. You can find the link to the website here for more information:
1) New Community Website:

Building Connections and Communities – Connect Douglas County Oregon is a public-owned community website meant to inform residence of on-going events, emergencies, and available resources in the area.


A steering committee of ten members served to build a community space for you, with representation from seven great cities (Canyonville, Elkton, Glendale, Glide, Oakland, Reedsport, and Roseburg) across the region. The Community Website Partnership has worked with the Steering Committee to develop a one-stop-shop for all your informational needs, with easy access to everything Douglas County.

The website offers a wide range of features:

1. Directory – List your business/organization and update your information as it changes.
2. Projects/Volunteering – Find helpful resources on current activities happening regionally.
3. News and Stories – Stay up to date on county-wide announcements and information.
4. Emergency Information – Stay informed on real time emergencies such as wildfires and tsunamis.
5. Events – Add your events to the available public calendar.

Information to Note:
• Anyone can create a profile
• Add business information to the directory
• Post flyers and events
• Update business information as it changes
• Add contact information, website, and social media links
• Manage all information pertaining to the business/organization

The Connect Douglas County website needs YOUR help. To spread awareness, that requires our community to get involved. Please take the time to add your organization to the directory so the public can find you. Enter your contact information, any events you would like to advertise, and business updates. Make sure to update your profile as you see fit. And most importantly, spread the word!

2) New Resources Landing Page:

This page is a one-stop resource hub for business information pertaining to Coos, Curry, and Douglas counties in Oregon.

CCD is proud to build a space for growing our community.

a. Find county-wide notices for emergency preparedness
b. View local non-profit information
c. Gather business resources pertaining to grant opportunities and municipality connections
d. Sign up for updates so you can stay in touch with new opportunities
e. Links to job boards

For any questions or concerns:
Contact information for Roseburg office: Sidnee Smith, 541-672-6728, Ext. 309,

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