Omnia Group to Bring Psilocybin Service Center to Ashland, Oregon in Mid-September 2023

Aug 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

Ashland, Oregon – [August 25, 2023] – Omnia Group Ashland, a pioneering legal and licensed psilocybin service center, is set to open its doors in mid-September 2023 and help introduce transformative mental health services to the community of Ashland, Oregon. Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley, driving distance from Portland, San Francisco or by air via Medford Regional Airport, Omnia Group aims to provide personalized, guided psilocybin experiences to support individuals seeking alleviation of chronic mental health conditions, exploration of creativity and spirituality, and an overall improved sense of well-being. Practitioners working at Omnia Group will focus on utilizing the profound potential of psilocybin to address anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.
Omnia Group invites the Ashland community and beyond to explore the benefits of their psilocybin wellness center. By offering safe and professional guidance, the center aims to contribute to the growing field of alternative therapies for those who have been let down by the traditional medical system. With an advisory board of five local experts in the field of psilocybin facilitation, the center ensures that its programs go far beyond the minimum standards set by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).
Co-Founder and CEO Brian Lindley expressed the vision behind Omnia Group Ashland, stating, “We are proud to establish a service center that not only focuses on the psilocybin session but also provides ongoing support. We believe that integrating the experience into daily life is key to maximizing its potential for healing and personal growth.” Mr. Lindley further emphasized, “We are committed to creating a place of healing and community connection.”
Omnia Group will offer a range of services tailored to individual needs. The center strives to provide comprehensive support for a wide array of clients, including 1:1, group sessions, and microdosing paired with a variety of wellness-centered offerings such as yoga or art therapy.
As the opening of Omnia Group Ashland approaches, anticipation builds for the transformative potential it will bring to the Ashland community. The center’s commitment to personalized care, ongoing support, and fostering a sense of community will help set the standard for the new era of holistic wellness experiences.
For more information about Omnia Group Ashland and to join the waitlist for upcoming services, please visit:

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