Grocery outlet’s Independence From Hunger Food Drive…& Camp Out!

Jun 26, 2023 | Uncategorized

Myrtle Creek Grocery Outlet
130 Petite St
Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
Tom & Angie Criss
Goes up on trailer on July 5th, 2023 @ 12:00pm in the Myrtle Creek Grocery Outlet Parking Lot

Hello, we are Tom & Angie Criss, Owners of the Myrtle Creek Grocery Outlet Store off of exit #103.
This year, from June 28th through July 31st, we will be hosting our Independence from Hunger Campaign & we are looking for businesses, like yours, to help us raise funds to keep our local food banks stocked.

Over the past 4 years, we have raised over $120,000 through this annual campaign & 100% of those dollars were used to stock our Local Food Pantries & help feed/treat Fire Fighters during some of the toughest fire seasons they have endured over these past few years.

Last year alone, with the help of local businesses, this community raised almost $48,000 dollars!!! This was one of the top 2 performing stores in our entire parent company of over 450 stores & this year we have set our sights even higher & are looking to beat last year’s number!

Our Goal:

Our Plan:
For our 3rd year in a row, Tom will be LIVING ON TOP OF THOSE SEMI TRAILERS, IN OUR PARKING LOT, UNTIL THEY’RE FILLED! (or until the campaign ends on 7/31).

Tom has his tent, air mattress, & a mobile work station all ready to go on July 5th @ 12pm when the Riddle Fire Dept will hoist him up to the top of the trailer to begin his “camping trip” to help feed our community.
With the help of other business visits & “Celebrity” camping buddies last year, it only took us 11 days to get Tom off the truck! 😊 Good thing too, he was getting ripe!

We accept cash, check, & credit. We also encourage businesses to take up their own collections at their workplace & drop off those groceries with Tom @ the Trailer.

Food Pantry’s we work with in South County;
St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Pantry of Myrtle Creek
South Douglas Food Bank in Riddle
Glendale Community Care Food Pantry

Any monetary donations from your business will be turned into a food donation for the above-mentioned pantry’s. However, in the case that we have another food need in our community we may redirect funds to different nonprofit organizations within South County including our local Fire Departments.
If you are able to make a donation in any amount, please do. Checks can be made out to Grocery Outlet of Myrtle Creek & reference Independence from Hunger (IFH).
If you would like to join Tom for a night &/or join in on the fundraising efforts, please call or text Angie!!
If you would like more information on who we are & what we do, please feel free to reach out to us.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of your day.
Tom & Angie Criss
130 Petite St. Myrtle Creek, OR 97457 Angie’s Cell: 541-868-4280 Tom’s Cell: 541-868-4270

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